It takes just 3 easy steps...

“How Does A Skinny, Four-Eyed Computer Scientist Consistently Humiliate His Softball Competition With Superior Offensive Execution And Stunningly Effective
Defensive Tactics?”

The answer will shock and delight you!  This amazingly easy-to-use Softball coaching tool will instantly save you hours of prep time, help you run more efficient practices, and give you a massive competitive advantage over other teams!

Desk of: Coach Becky Wittenburg
Monday, 8:01 AM

Dear Friend,softball blueprint

How would you enjoy suddenly having the reputation as the most feared and respected coach in your league?

Bobby Kovalevsky knows how that feels… and he’s been living up to the hype by tearing up the California youth Softball circuit over the past four and a half years  - routinely out-coaching experienced Softball gurus on the way to a combined record of 82-14.

What’s more, he’s now ready to

Reveal His

"Unfair Advantage" 

to a select group of like-minded coaches.

Bobby, you see, is not your typical Softball coach. 

He never played the game as a kid or in high school... and couldn’t hit a curveball if his life depended on it.

He’s a 37-year-old software designer from Rolling Hills, CA who wears coke bottle eye-glasses and weighs around 128 pounds… soaking wet.

And his teams aren't usually much to look at either.  Bobby’s junior high squads rarely field a player over 5'6"... and he's lucky if his cleanup hitter even has warning track power. 

In fact, when Bobby’s squad walks on the field to play against a bigger, stronger, more athletic opponent, onlookers have been heard to whisper…

“This Geek Coach And His Team Of Midgets Don't

Stand A Chance!” 

That’s certainly what opposing coaches used to say as well.  But not anymore.

Because when the ump yells "Play Ball" and the game begins...

Bobby just sits back on the bench, relaxes… and watches his supremely prepared team

Pick Apart The Opposition

with exquisitely placed bunts, perfectly executed hit and runs, and flawless baserunning.

And the domination continues on "D"

Cutoffs and relays are a breeze... double plays are turned in the blink of an eye... and every base is seamlessly backed up whenever the ball is put into play.

By the time the dust settles after 3 or 4 innings, Bobby's team is usually up by a half dozen runs.  He’s a good sport, so he usually calls off the dogs at that point and coasts to another victory.

Is Bobby some kind of genetically altered super-coach?

Nope.  Even though he’s been a long time student of the game, Bobby was always too small and too uncoordinated to play. 

In fact, he really struggled as a coach his first couple years.

He could always come up with these innovative offensive and defensive schemes… but was too clumsy and unskilled to ever demonstrate them to his players in practice.

He tried drawing up plays and drills on chalkboards and whiteboards, but the tangled mess of circles, zig-zags, and arrows ended up confusing his players instead of teaching them. 

(I think we all know that feeling)

Until Now... Only a Small Group of Underground Coaches Have Experienced Softball Blueprint. Here's What They Had To Say...

"Clearly designed by an experienced coach.  I can design a play and print out the storyboard in 5 minutes.  The kids are loving it and other coaches are jealous!"

-Felton Cott, Arlington TX

"I used to spend 2 hours preparing for a 90 minute practice!  Now I can prepare all my coaching materials during my coffee break!"

-Skip Covina, Oregon

"Last season, my team could barely throw out a runner at first.  Now we're turning complex double plays without missing a beat....the kids picked it up right away, and the process was fun, easy, and fast (The software speaks to the X-Box Generation like nothing I've ever seen before)."

-Harold Arsenault, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

"This software has energized my coaching.  I'm having more fun with my team than ever."

-Julie Puzek, Jefferson MS Jaguars

"Last fall my 12 year olds got blown out by a 10 year old team.  Killed me.  This year we went undefeated in a tough summer league.  The only thing that changed was using Softball Blueprint.  Our new animated playbook is truly our "secret weapon"... Do you HAVE to share this with everyone else?!"

-Ray Curtin, Bardwell TX

"Teaches the "big picture" without being too complicated.  Other coaches are commenting that my players have an excellent understanding of the game.  Softball blueprint is helping me take their skills to the next level."

-Joe Alsman, Boone Terre, MO

"My varsity team just turned the school's first ever triple play.  I owe the credit to Softball Blueprint for helping me teach them to be in the right place at the right time!"

-Bobby Mize, Laramie, Wyoming

"My son was playing shortstop and struggling to remember when he was supposed to be during different plays.  Being able to show him "live" animation of the play has really helped him remember his role when the pressure is on."

-Steve Bowler, Oakland, ME

"Softball Blueprint has provided breakthroughs with the VISUAL LEARNERS on my team.  After I show my team an animated play I see the A-Ha lights go off in their heads."

-Valerie Gearheart, Trent Woods, NC

"Finally- a coaching software that is user friendly.  I was able to design plays right away.  Very intuitive."

-Rick Dorman, Orlando Florida


That’s why Bobby developed a Softball coaching software that would allow him to easily design animated plays and drills, telestrate them, then share them with his players at the click of a mouse-button.

The results were nothing short of astonishing.

They Finally GOT What
He Was Teaching

The animation and storyboard printouts allowed them to visualize the plays and drills, right down to the exact timing of a 4-6-3 double play... or the specific positioning for a "No Doubles" defense.

Why did it work so well?  Because

Over 82% Of Us Are
Visual Learners!

By using these wickedly effective animated plays and drills, practices became smoother and more efficient, and game-time execution became automatic.

Here's what this is all about...

Up to now, Bobby has jealously guarded his Softball coaching software... steadily improving it each season… allowing only a handful of coaching friends from southern California in on his dirty little secret.

After meeting him at a clinic this past summer, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy.

And when I shared it with a small group of coaches in our community and saw the frenzied excitement that ensued… I immediately knew that this was a resource that all SERIOUS Softball coaches (and serious beginners) deserved to have.

Here's How You'll Use This Tool To
Pummel Your Competition

It all comes down to a simple 3 step process that ANYONE can master (even if you’ve never actually played Softball before).

In fact, if you can right-click a mouse, then you can immediately start creating stunningly effective Softball drills, plays... even entire playbooks... in just 3 easy steps.  Guaranteed!

Step #1: Design The Animated Play or Drill

This software was specifically designed, tested, and tweaked to be ultra-easy to use.

Simply insert the players and create the animated sequence using your mouse.

Use one of the preset infield or outfield formations... or create your own from scratch.  You can even insert coaches, pilons, baserunners, hitters and extra balls.

The tool is super flexible and no "special skills" are required. 




Step #2: Use Whiteboard To “Telestrate”

Softball Blueprint’s Whiteboard feature lets you effortlessly map out the play or drill by drawing directly onto the screen using your mouse.

Instantly freeze the action by creating a Whiteboard frame, then draw ball and player movement directly onto the unfolding play or drill.  Use the Comments feature to add a running commentary.

All the advantages of a real whiteboard, but without getting green marker all over your hand!



Step #3: Share With Your Team

Finally, create customized storyboard printouts showing step-by-step instructions to the play or drill.

Distribute them to your team before a game or practice or use them as a teaching aid in a team meeting.  These high quality, video-game-like graphics will capture and hold the attention of the most fidgety player.




Follow this simple 3-step system and soon you’ll have a massive library of customized plays and drills for your team. 

You’ll also have an indispensable coaching tool that will streamline your practice planning and super-charge your game execution.

And as I'll explain in a minute, you don't even risk a single penny of your own money.

Softball Blueprint is truly


The Most User-Friendly Softball 

Coaching Software On The Planet

I know that's a strong statement, but I can back it up 100%.

I've tried out pretty much every Softball coaching software out there...

From bargain basement programs that weren't much better than having a pen and paper napkin... to ultra high-priced "premium" softwares that didn't accomplish HALF of what they claimed to do.

And they all ended up in the garbage can because they were impossible to use.

But don't just take it from me... the word from EVERY coach who has used Softball Blueprint is that it makes other coaching software obsolete

Listen up for a second, and I'll boil this all down for you.

With Softball Blueprint you can...

Easily design any play or drill in just 5-10 minutes.  From simple outfield positioning rules to complex hit and run scenarios... it only takes a few clicks!
Help your players visualize play sequences with step by step diagrams... you'll blow your competition off the field with razor sharp execution and superior timing
Prepare for practice quickly and easily – just print out what you want to run and you’ll have a step by step reference for each and every drill
Just right click to insert pre-designed infield and outfield formations

Out-smart opposing coaches and neutralize your competition with built-in scouting capabilities. 

Easily simulate your opponent's favorite strategies... then determine how to beat them at their own game

Give “Softball homework” to players… have them study new plays and drills in advance, then come to practice ready to execute

(your practice efficiency will skyrocket, and you'll save hours of time and wasted energy)

Create a complete playbook to share with players and assistant coaches
Add your comments to your storyboard printouts - emphasize key points to shorten the learning curve
Burn your playbook to a CD and distribute it out to players and coaches
Create transparencies of your play and drill printouts to use with an overhead projector
Label your players… this totally customizable feature lets you use the real names, numbers, or positions of the actual kids on YOUR team
Bring your plays to life by telestrating with Softball Blueprint's Whiteboard feature (you'll never use another Dry Erase board again!)

Your players and their parents will be blown away with your hi-tech wizardry and grasp of Softball strategy

(you don't need to tell anyone how easy this program is to use!

Runs on Windows 2003, XP or Vista 
Bring your laptop to the gym and create dynamic multimedia presentations with video-game-like graphics for your pre-game speech or team meeting
Adjust playback speeds to watch your plays in super slow motion
Discover advanced features with step by step help video tutorials guiding you every step of the way
  Works with all levels of Softball... from Pony League to Varsity High School
Create animation for offensive AND defensive players, with up to 4 different jersey colors to differentiate them
Get out of your old practice routines!  Inject variety and FUN into your practices with innovative plays and drills
Store unlimited plays and drills 
Export your playbook into PDF format for easy sharing
Upload your playbook to your team website
Ultra-flexible print manager - print out your plays as Whiteboard frames... or set time intervals to map out your drill step by step

And that's just a small taste of what you'll be able to do with this unique and effective program.

Whether you're a Softball newbie or a grizzled veteran, this tool will work wonders for your practice efficiency and game execution.

Think of how good it'll feel when your team turns a picture perfect double play.

And how satisfied you'll be when you hear spectators and parents gushing

"Now THAT is a Well-Coached Team!"

You can have it today... when you unleash the amazing firepower behind Softball Blueprint.  Click here to place your secure order now!

But wait... it's keeps getting better!

If you grab a copy of Softball Blueprint today, as part of this Introductory Internet Offer, you'll also get 

9 FREE Bonuses Worth $871!

Here's a rundown of what you'll get when you order today...

Bonus #1: Lifetime Updates to the Software

($199 value)

All new versions of Softball Blueprint will be sent directly to your Inbox at no charge whatsoever.

That includes upgraded features, new playbooks, software enhancements and more.  You'll have the latest and greatest version BEFORE the other coaches in your league (and it won't cost you another dime!)

 help video tutorials

Bonus #2: Help Video Tutorials

($49 value)

You'll get step by step screencapture videos walking you through every step of the Softball Blueprint process. 

Forget cumbersome "help files" that eat up time and make you want to jump out your window.  With screencapture video- you'll have a computer geek in your living room showing you exactly where to click.


Bonus #3: 7 Day a Week Customer Support

($79 value)

Our dedicated customer support team is ready to handle any questions you have and make sure you get the most out of the program.

Making sure your questions are answered is our top priority, so we let you "skip the line" and have your questions answered FIRST.

 coaching staff licenses

Bonus #4: 15 Extra Licenses For Your Team and Coaching Staff 

($399 value)

This special bonus allows you to share Softball Blueprint with up to 15 members of your team.

DOUBLE your practice efficiency by emailing your practice plan out to your coaching staff in advance... have them preview the drills and plays the night before and arrive at the field ready to go. Scout opposing teams, then share pre-game plans and strategies from the comfort of your own living room.

Say goodbye to inefficient phone meetings or time-wasting "ad-lib" practices... share your plays and drills by email or instant messaging to instantly bring your ideas to life!


You'll also get these 6 pre-designed animated Softball playbooks.

Each playbook is jam-packed with championship tested Softball plays

Featuring illustrated diagrams... PLUS step by step instructions and commentary to help you understand the ins and outs of every scenario.

Bonus #5: Basic Situational Fielding

($29 value)

Bonus #6: Intermediate Situational Fielding

($29 value)

Bonus #7: Advanced Situational Fielding

($29 value)

Bonus #8: Bunt Defense

($29 value)

Bonus #9: Fielder Positioning Tactics

($29 value)

Every play is based on what "you" asked for - the specific game strategies that my newsletter readers have requested over and over for the past 3 seasons.

These plays are run by the top youth and high school programs in the country... giving you a step by step roadmap for success with your Softball team.

Click here to order now, and get $871 in bonus gifts for FREE!

And it keeps getting better...

Because if you order today

 You Can Be Running Softball Blueprint

 In Just 90 Seconds!

Softball Blueprint is a downloadable software program, so you can access it immediately after your payment has been securely processed.  It's super easy to install and even easier to use.

There's no waiting for the mailman to show up... and you'll never have to pay a shipping and handling fee.

I know from first hand personal experience how ridiculously easy this software is to use.  That’s why I’m offering this outrageous guarantee.

100% No-Risk
Money Back Guarantee


Here's my pledge:

Simply test drive Softball Blueprint for a full 60 days.

Use it to design animated playbooks, manage your practice drills, scout your opponents and communicate strategy with your team.

If you don't think that it's the most effective, most useful, and most user-friendly Softball coaching software you've EVER seen…


You'll Get A 100%

No Hassle Refund

Just email me right back and I'll immediately issue you a complete, fast, and full refund, with no questions asked.

But the the entire software program (and all the bonuses) are yours to keep no matter what!

There are no if's, and's, or but's about it!

You heard me correctly.  This amazing Softball coaching tool really works. And I stand behind it 100%.

If you aren't absolutely thrilled with it for any reason (or for no reason at all) just let me know and I'll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

But the whole program is still yours to keep free forever! 

  Click here to test drive Softball Blueprint... risk free! 

You'll have a full 60 days to decide if this is right for you and your team.

There are no questions asked, no "wiggle clauses" and no funny business.  Either you love it or you get a refund and keep it free

You don't risk a single penny.  Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

The way it works is simple and fast.  Just click here, then select the payment option you want from the box below... you'll then be taken to a secure order page where you'll fill out your payment information (takes about 30 seconds).

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Like I said before... I've tried pretty much every other program out there.

(some priced at $799 or more)

I can say with 100% certainty that you'll NEVER find anything that's as feature-packed and easy to use as Softball Blueprint.

And if you act right now, you can get the entire program (including $871 in bonus material) for only $297 $197

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  Yes!  I'm ready to start using the most user friendly Softball coaching software on the Internet without risking a single penny!

And I know there's no time to lose.  Thanks for the 60 days money back guarantee too -- that takes all the pressure off my decision.  In fact, it allows me to get this software for free if I choose. 

1 x $197




You must hurry.  Once this Introductory Offer is over, the price WILL be increased back to regular levels. 

You risk nothing. I take this Softball coaching thing seriously, and if you are not completely happy, for any reason at all, then I insist you ask for a refund.

I know how difficult it is to find Softball coaching tools and advice that will truly propel your team to the promised land.

If you aren’t ready for what I offer... that's fine.

Some of these secrets and tactics are so far out of the “mainstream” that only experienced coaches know how well they work.

Don’t wait on this, however. You can grab one of the available copies... but only if you act right away.

You snooze, you lose.

So don’t hesitate. Order this stuff today, right now, while it’s still hot in your mind. And prepare to have your mind blown... and your entire coaching perspective change forever.

It really is that powerful.

Yours in sport,


Coach Becky Wittenburg

PS –  This is the FIRST (and probably last) time Softball Blueprint has EVER been discounted below it's $297 "insider price".

There are over 51,876 Softball coaches on my newsletter.... and I KNOW that many of you guys have been "on the fence" about grabbing a copy of this software for some time.

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